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  • Buteyko therapy - reduces mouth breathing and allergies, improves attention, behavior, physical endurance, and energy

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Tongue & Lip-Tie

  • Pre/post frenectomy therapy and education

  • Breast feeding support

  • Summer speech therapy programs

  • Early Intervention Speech Therapy in CFC 7, 8, & 12

  • Early Intervention Developmental Therapy in CFC 8 & 12

  • Fast ForWord Provider for Reading & Processing Delays

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At Grady Cooney Speech Partners, we have an ongoing and long term commitment to serving the needs of all those with communication, swallowing, and feeding disorders. With our experienced staff, you receive personalized service and customized therapy tailored to you.


We are focused on neuro muscular re-education which improves long term speech and swallowing results. Browse our site to find more information about our areas of expertise, orofacial myology, or airway disorders.

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