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Innovative. Unique. Customized.


Our goal is to improve our patients' quality of life through successfully maximizing communication skills and positively influencing overall health through developing feeding and oral motor skills, as well as influencing typical orofacial growth and development.


Grady Cooney Speech Partners (GCSP) offer services in a private practice setting with home therapy services based upon availability. We specialize in evaluation and multidisciplinary collaboration. We provide treatment in a variety of areas for infants, children of all ages, adolescents, and adults.

Customized therapy tailored to each and every client

Success through family action

Whenever possible, therapy is family based to provide greater carryover and success throughout the treatment program. Parents are taught tools and strategies to implement at home to ensure that they are the most important member of their child's support team.

Let us help change the life of you or a loved one


Promoting overall health, development, and learning

Proactive and committed care

Patients are active participants in therapy; which creates the best opportunity to learn and regain skills needed to make their lives more complete. GCSP provides the best services in a natural, fun, engaging, and educational manner. Research supports exploration and play-based therapy is critical to help children learn. Positive reinforcement and motivating situations help build their skills.


Older children and adults do best, and are more committed to a therapy program, when they are educated about their strengths and needs and actively make choices regarding their plan of care.


Whatever your therapy needs may be, GCSP is here to support you and your loved ones!