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“Maureen has been working with my son since he was two years old. At that time he was barely saying five clear words with meaning. Within a month of her services Will’s vocabulary increased tremendously, he quickly began speaking two word utterances and soon thereafter was using full sentences. She has continued therapy with him for the last two and a half years working on his clarity, oral motor control and vocabulary. Maureen continues to provide me with resources on how to improve my son’s speech related issue. She has been such an asset to our family that I have made the decision not to transition him into the speech program provided by our public school system. My husband and I agree that one of our best decisions was choosing private therapy with Maureen.”


- Erin Emmons, Patient’s Mother


“Jen Gilhooley has been providing speech therapy for my son Marty once a week for the past 6 months. When he was first evaluated for the early intervention program, he was 19 months old and his speech was equivalent to that of a 9 month old. Now after six months of speech with Jen, he is right on track with his speech being the equivalency of a 21-24 month old.


Jen has taught Marty how to express his wants and needs to us with much less frustration. She has also taught our family how to help him. At the end of every session she gives us ideas of what to work on with Marty for the week.


Jen is very patient with Marty and his sisters who are always trying to get involved in his therapy. She makes the therapy fun for him by incorporating toys and games that Marty enjoys. Marty now gets excited when he sees Jen’s car pull up in front of our house, he has really grown to love her.”


- Colleen Farrell, Patient's Mother


“Maureen has been an amazing gift to our family. She began working with our son Connor at eighteen months old. At that time, he had about five to eight words. Now, a year later, he has full-on conversations with EVERYONE! To say the least, the progress has been dramatic. We can’t shut him up! (LOL!) We no longer need to translate what he is saying to others. His speech is clear and thoughtful. Maureen helped us help him by giving us plenty of tips, advice and tools to strengthen his speech so we could have an active role in his progress. She always asked us for feedback and kept us informed of his tremendous growth. The day we no longer need her speech services will be bittersweet as she has become one of the family and we will miss her dearly.”


- Barbara Ohse, Patient’s Mother


“Maureen is a skilled and professional speech therapist who worked with my son James for sixteen months. Maureen has great therapeutic skills; she implemented motivating lessons while using verbal reinforcement and behavior management effectively. James had fun working with her. Maureen is resourceful, energetic and creative in her therapies. Being present and participating with James during his therapy sessions helped me learn techniques to work with him at home. Maureen always had an answer to my questions regarding James and if she did not have an answer at the time, she would research the topic and discuss it with me at the next therapy session. As a mother, I am very fortunate that James was able to benefit from Maureen’s expertise and improve his speech skills.”


- Celina Chastain, Patient’s Mother


“Maureen has been providing speech services to our (now) 2 1/2 year old daughter, Brigid, for 10 months. From the moment Maureen entered our home, she displayed great warmth, energy and a positive attitude toward our daughter, Brigid, and our whole family. She assessed our daughter in a holistic manner, taking into consideration her medical, social, nutritional and developmental history. During her weekly sessions with Brigid, Maureen is dependable, reliable and always prepared. She provides a variety of developmental and age appropriate activities that hold Brigid’s attention and create a safe and fun environment, encouraging and prompting her to actively participate and communicate. A variety of opportunities to challenge Brigid to speak, make sounds and use sign language to communicate are common. In addition, Maureen appropriately involves our older children in sessions, yet is comfortable to express the need for 1:1 time with Brigid when necessary.


Maureen clearly possesses a wide and profound knowledge of speech and language development and comprehension as well as what factors can impact development.  For example, Maureen is an advocate for the use of natural products and whole foods which matched well with our family. She often shares tips for increasing/varying foods into our daughter’s diet and shares her knowledge of how pediatric nutrition and oral motor skills are closely associated, as well as how they impact oral development and feeding skills.


Maureen is thorough in her assessment and open in communicating her observations and impressions during her sessions. For example, she noticed during her first meeting with Brigid that Brigid had a hard time keeping her lips closed, often had her tongue resting between her teeth, and would breathe heavily through her mouth. Maureen asked us to monitor this and after a few weeks and extensive discussion of the mouth vs. nasal breathing, eating, health and sleep habits, Maureen recommended further consultation to have her airway assessed. We chose to take Brigid to an ENT. This evaluation confirmed Maureen’s suspicion that our daughter had something impacting her airway. The Dr. diagnosed Brigid with enlarged adenoids and recommended surgery to remove them. Upon removal, we observed an immediate change in Brigid.  She starting to breathe through her nose and decreased her frequency and severity of illness. Before her adenoidectomy, she was sick monthly, often requiring antibiotics and breathing treatments. Since her adenoidectomy 3 months ago, she has not been ill. In addition to a healthier few months, Brigid has dramatically increased her ability to make certain sounds that she seemed to lack prior.


Maureen is a highly competent speech and language therapist who we trust unequivocally. We have been thrilled with the services she has provided during her time working with our family and give her our highest recommendation.”


- Carrie & Curry Gallagher, Patient’s Parents


“Jen has been providing speech therapy for our daughter for over a year.  We are so happy with the progress that our daughter has made!  Bridget started early intervention learning how to make basic sounds and now she is up to 3 and 4 word phrases.  Jen has been a great help not only to Bridget, but to my husband and I.  While Jen works with Bridget, she provides examples and ideas on things we can do to work with Bridget as well.  She is very knowledgeable and creative.  Bridget can’t wait to “play” with Jen every week! We feel so blessed to be part of the early invention system and especially to have Jen work with our daughter!”


- Katie O’Neill, Patient’s Mother


“My son has worked with Maureen for the past 18 months and the strides that he has made under Maureen’s instruction have been life changing. We first consulted Maureen on the basis of correcting our son’s lateral lisp after we had seen little progress through his school speech program. We were told early on in our son’s pre-academic career that the problems with his speech patterns were age appropriate. Until we consulted Maureen we had no idea the extent to which we had done our son a disservice by not having intervened on his behalf at a much earlier age. Our son began seeing Maureen shortly before his 9th birthday and the difference that Maureen has made in our son’s overall development is quite impressive.


Maureen specifically began treating our son for speech and feeding therapy, but shortly after these therapies began, her focus broadened into what I would call a more holistic approach to his overall mouth, sleep, speech and feeding issues. Maureen had the insight to push for orthodontic treatment as a way to facilitate our son’s speech and feeding development. Maureen looked not only at the specific speech and feeding issues, but she approached our son’s case from the standpoint of why he was having these specific issues. From there she referred us to specialists that were able to help our son in various areas, all of which were impeding his speech and feeding progress. Maureen took the lead as to which physicians we should consult, explained to us why these consults were important to our son’s development and reviewed with us the physicians’ recommended treatments and how they would affect our son’s speech treatment.


Our son listens to and respects Maureen. She explains to him why he she wants him to engage in certain exercises and is responsive to his feelings and anxieties. Maureen has gone above and beyond my expectations as to what a caregiver should encompass. She has provided services to our family beyond Speech and Feeding Therapy. The word I would best use to describe Maureen’s service to us and to our son would be as a patient advocate. It is my pleasure to know Maureen and I give her my highest recommendation.”


- Tracy Polselli, Patient’s Mother


“Maureen has been working with my 7 year-old son on strengthening his facial muscles and proper positioning of his tongue for around seven months. Her work has made a substantial difference in his coordination, his awareness of his body, and the strength in his lips, cheeks and tongue. I have literally witnessed his face changing shape as he has progressed through the course of therapy! He is able to do more challenging exercises that take quite a bit of skill and concentration. When I point out proper positioning to him, he is immediately able to correct himself. I’ve also noticed that he has a much easier time closing his lips on a regular basis, and much more of his breathing is through his nose, rather than the combination of mouth and nose breathing that he was doing before therapy. More importantly, Maureen is great with kids. She makes him feel so confident and comfortable in their sessions together. With her, he is willing to try new exercises and really strive to improve his strength and skills. He never feels pressured or coerced – something that is really important to me as a parent. After each session, I receive a list of exercises for the week with clear instructions. Maureen often talks about what he is improving on and what I should be concentrating on for the coming week. I feel like I don’t have to be an expert on what we’re working on as long as I’m following her directions, although I have found myself becoming more and more knowledgeable about the field of orofacial myofunctional therapy. I feel like I have more tools in my mother’s toolbox because of the excellent work that Maureen is doing with my son.”


- Katrina Pavlik, Patient’s Mother


“Maureen is a wonderful speech therapist. She is caring, knowledgeable, patient and built such a great relationship with my son and daughter. Both my son and daughter have made huge strides with her between our weekly sessions and doing the daily/weekly exercises. We highly recommend her!”


- Bill and Kaitlin Nolan, Patient Parents


“It is with great pleasure I write this letter of recommendation for Maureen Grady Cooney.  Maureen has worked with my daughter Ashley for the last 4 1/2 years.  My daughter Ashley was born with CHARGE Syndrome.  One of major issues with Ashley was the inability to swallow. Ashley has been on a feeding tube since birth.  I have had many opportunities to observe Maureen working with my daughter.   Ashley went from not allowing anybody or anything near her mouth to now biting bits and pieces off of different kinds of food.  Maureen has worked countless hours with my daughter and always stayed positive while working with Ashley.  Maureen’s knowledge regarding feeding, swallowing and oral motor skills is phenomenal.  Maureen is extremely dedicated and is constantly bettering herself professionally with the most current research and strategies.  Maureen has shared all of her knowledge with me and my husband.  As a parent I could not be more pleased.  Maureen has put her heart and soul into Ashley.   Maureen is like family to us.   Ashley would definitely not be where she is today without all of the hard work and knowledge from Maureen.”


- Tina Kaczynski, Patient Parent

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